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Book Scholarship

Written by Aaliyah Donaldson


Posted on April 13 2023

Give - to freely transfer the possession of (something) to (someone); hand over to.

Cheerful givers are who we are at our core and it is an integral part of our business. You all give so much to us when you shop with us, when you share kind words, and when you give us warm hugs. 

information on book scholarship from Eleven03

A few days ago, we released the information on our annual book scholarship; this is one way we give back to our community. This is the third year we have given our book scholarship. It is such an honor to have a hand in the future leaders & entrepreneurs.  

When you shop Eleven03, you are making a fashionable difference in our community and in the lives of young people across the country. Thank you for your generosity 💕

picture of Eleven-03 boutique and the owners in Southaven, Ms.