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Reflection & Gratitude

Written by Aaliyah Donaldson


Posted on January 05 2023

We've wrapped up 2022 and this is usually a time of reflection for us. 

Truth is... we spend most of the year overcoming obstacles. Full transparency ? It gets really hard. There are a lot of moments where we have to push each other to keep going, BUT at the end of the year we get to look back on all of our hard work, the students we've impacted, the customers that we have formed relationships with and even the growth in our personal friendship/business-ship. 

God is so faithful to us...always. We can't believe we've come this far. 

Thank you for all of your love and support. I feel like we're always giving thanks to our client base, but it's really never enough. There are never enough words to help you understand the difference you make in our lives. 

It's been one  hell of a year and we can't wait to see with the future brings!

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