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Running A Business With Your Bestfriend -The Real Spill

Written by Aaliyah Donaldson


Posted on June 02 2023

I can't tell you how many times I get the question... "What is it like running a business with your bestie?" Well, there's no better time than right now for me to address this question and have a transparent moment with you.

Remember when you were going off to college and everyone warned you not to room with you closest friend? They said it would put tension on the relationship and most friendships don't survive. Well... that's kind of true and it's nearly the same for going into business with each other. 


The friendship I share with Alexa is heaven sent. Truly. We are polar opposites and I know we wouldn't be friends if God didn't say so. Since God DID say so... we've had an amazing experience being in business together. We for sure had bumps in the road, I mean... we have been friends for so long but business partners is next level. It's a lot of hard work, growth and love involved in maintaining a friendship and partnership. Have we fought? That's what everybody really wants to know. The truth? Hell yes! A Lot. We have fought and we have cried, but we have also prayed and hugged.

Most of you know I just had a baby...literally like yesterday ha! My entire pregnancy I was completely distracted. I lived in a different state and at 30 weeks pregnant I was diagnosed with SPD which left me unable to walk. Alexa took care of everything. EVERYTHING. This season has been so unfair for her. Our store has gone through major changes...hard changes... and she has done it all alone for practically the last six months. She wanted me to have a peaceful pregnancy and she wanted me to spend quality time with her nephew once he got here so again... she did it alone. For us,


So, what's it like being in business with your best friend? I really don't know because she's my second sister. My family...and I love her so much.